So it begins…


IMG_2896Today I gathered some ladies to join me in sending off John (a very special bartender) from my favorite restaurant (jeninni kitchen + wine bar) in Pacific Grove.  Let’s just say I frequent this restaurant quite often, so much so I feel like a celebrity when I go.  The food is amazing, the wine is superb, and the staff is the best.  It is my favorite place when I need a pick me up or to celebrate a special occasion.  Today happens to be the last day for John, for he is moving on to better things, and my last time to enjoy the amazing paella (since I am too set to move very soon).

Any way, let’s fast forward to why I am even writing this.  Did you take a good look at the above picture?  Yes, that was dinner!  So as I was taking the above picture, I was encouraged by my friends to start a blog because, well, not only do I take good pictures of food (total stereotype), I have been told I have good taste.  So here I am, starting my first post, not really about the food… but to introduce myself to the blogging world.  I am set to move to Hawaii in a couple weeks and there I will start my new food adventure!

Thanks for reading!


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